What are the pitfalls of signing a decoration contract?

After purchasing a house, everyone will choose a good decoration company to do the house decoration, not only saving time, worry, and effort, but also has a good decoration effect. In this process, we need to sign a contract with the decoration company, then in the renovation which traps the contract would it? time of signing the contract but also to pay attention to what? and small series with a look!

What are the pitfalls of signing a decoration contract?

1. Process description is not clear

In the market, some unscrupulous decoration companies or foremen will use vague words to describe the craft on the quotations in the decoration contract for personal gain. They do not specify exactly what materials and specifications to use, and many of them are Therefore, it fell into the trap of decoration companies and foremen.

2. Random increase in single area

Some bad decoration companies will work on the individual area of ​​the decoration contract, increasing the area of ​​each construction project slightly, thereby increasing the user's renovation costs. Therefore, Xiao Bian suggested that when everyone conducts home renovation, they can First measure the dimensions of the house decoration on its own to prevent the decoration company from making arbitrarily quotations.

3. Inconsistent material entering the contract

When the material enters the market, it must be carefully checked whether the decoration materials are consistent with the model and size specified in the contract. Many unscrupulous merchants will be lucky enough to use inferior materials for decoration and try to use fake materials so they sign a renovation contract. At the time, we must pay attention to the type and material of the material so as not to fall into the contract trap.

4. Advanced advanced materials will trick you into entering the field

Some decoration companies will sneakly replace the decoration materials with inferior materials when the owners are absent, and the owners have no knowledge of the situation. This practice will not only cause hidden housing safety problems, but also greatly damage the owners’ consumer rights, or Do not inform the owner of the progress of the renovation and use inferior materials in the concealment project.

Three major renovation contract signing matters needing attention

1. The decoration contract is a text with legal effects, so consumers must first understand all aspects when signing a contract, fix the decoration design plan and decoration budget, and then sign a decoration contract to prevent them from falling into the contract of the decoration company. trap.

2. Before signing the decoration contract, it is necessary to check whether the decoration company is a legitimately-operated decoration enterprise, whether it has a business license, and whether it has a power of attorney.

3. When signing the contract, pay attention to whether the specific requirements and completion date of the decoration in the decoration contract express clearly. If there are any missing requirements and matters, you can propose and carry out the modification of the contract to the decoration company. If there is no problem, you can sign the contract.

Xiao Bian concludes: With regard to the relevant knowledge of the decoration contract , Xiao Bian will first introduce it here, and hopefully it will help those friends who are troubled in this area. If you still want to know or consult more relevant information, welcome to pay attention to this site!

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