What are the 5 recommended insulation materials for roof insulation

Many houses are cheap on the top or bottom floor, but many people are reluctant to buy, because the house on the top floor will be very hot in summer, and the house on the ground floor will be very humid during the rainy season, so Many people are reluctant to buy, so what should be done for the owner who has bought the top floor house? In fact, the owner of the top floor can use insulation materials, so what are the roof insulation materials ? The following editors recommend some roof partitions Hot material for everyone, let's take a look!

What are the roof insulation materials?

1. Rigid polyurethane foam

The main raw materials of polyurethane rigid foam are isocyanate and polyether, and then add a variety of additives mixed polymer polymer; is a new type of synthetic material with thermal insulation and waterproof function, is currently the lowest thermal conductivity of all thermal insulation materials It is one of the materials; it is mainly used in the insulation of the external wall of the building, the integration of the waterproof and thermal insulation of the roof, the thermal insulation of the cold storage, the pipeline insulation material, the thermal insulation of the cold storage, etc.

2. Rock wool board

Rock wool board is an inorganic fiber board with good thermal insulation, sound absorption and fire resistance. It is a new building material; because of its light weight and small thermal conductivity, it is widely used in textile metallurgy, power transportation, construction agriculture and other fields . In particular, it has a large amount of application in construction, which provides a strong guarantee and support for Chinese construction.

3. Extruded board

Extruded board is a foam molding material, has unparalleled thermal insulation performance, and also has high pressure resistance, non-absorbent water, wear resistance and other characteristics, is widely used in roof insulation systems, thermal insulation inside and outside walls , Is one of the good quality and cheap thermal insulation materials.

4. Polystyrene board

Polystyrene board is the full name of polystyrene foam board, also known as EPS board. It is mainly made of liquid foaming agent and polystyrene beads. It is often used in heat insulation materials for building walls, roof insulation, ship refrigeration equipment and refrigerators. .

5. Slurry insulation roof insulation material

The slurry insulation roof insulation material is mainly made of polystyrene particles, silicate, etc. After processing and compounding, it has the characteristics of thermal insulation and is widely used for thermal insulation in external walls. There are two types of slurry materials Type, one is a curing type mainly based on gelling material, and one is a drying type mainly based on water evaporation, which belongs to light-weight insulation material.

Editor's summary: The above is about the relevant content of the roof insulation material . The insulation materials recommended by the above editors are all good. You can buy according to the above content and hope to help everyone.

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