The era of the reshuffle of fingerprint locks marks what is coming

In the past few years, the world of the Internet has undergone tremendous changes. The development and application of cloud technology, smart phone technology, wireless communication technology, and Internet of Things technology, as well as the Internet thinking mode under the influence of these new technologies, have brought new to the market. Space and time, of course, this space and time comes at the expense of traditional industries and markets.


As the pillar product of the smart lock industry, fingerprint locks will soon appear in the new environment, and the disadvantages of its products, technology, price, service and market model will appear soon.

First, technical aspects

(1) The degree of fingerprint recognition needs to be improved

At present, some people's fingerprints are often rejected. This problem is a major obstacle to the promotion of fingerprint identification products. The combination of fingerprint recognition and IC card recognition is currently a solution to this problem.

(2) Less independent research and development, and the core technology cannot be independent

The domestic fingerprint lock enterprises mainly focus on assembly and system integration, and independent research and development is still a minority, lacking core technology. This is also a major problem that restricts the development of fingerprint locks in China, and it is also a key to reducing costs. Fingerprint modules are controlled by American companies, and the purchase volume is not concentrated and high prices become inevitable. Product personalization is difficult to achieve, and the competitive advantage of products does not exist. If you want to open a large market with domestic fingerprint locks, crossing technical barriers is a top priority.

(3) The ability to integrate technology is insufficient. The good products of good companies today are not because of how big your scale, how big the market is, how hard the individual technology is, but because of your ability to integrate. It is difficult to meet the needs of development due to single technology and individual capabilities. Integrating IT, Internet, wireless communications, smart phones, encryption and decryption technology is the only way for smart products in the future. Of course, fingerprint locks rely on existing technology to make it difficult to adapt to future developments.

Second, the product aspect

(1) lack of product design

The added value of the product must come from the design rather than the low-cost plagiarism. The result of plagiarism can only make the enterprise lose its creativity and eventually lose the market. Nowadays, there are a lot of manufacturers in the fingerprint lock market. It seems that it is a product of the same family. The only difference is the label and the price. The appearance of the product is only designed for design, the environment used is completely ignored, and the product does not match the door at all. Many times this lock becomes a monster on this door.

(2) The product has hidden dangers

The fingerprint lock is composed of electronic parts, the damage of the electronic parts, the effective, the power failure of the fingerprint lock, and the artificial destruction of the fingerprint lock of the fingerprint lock may affect the normal opening of the fingerprint lock. Therefore, so far, in order to be safe, there is no fingerprint lock manufacturing factory, and dare not equip the fingerprint lock with an emergency lock to prevent the fingerprint lock from opening through the emergency lock. Usually, the fingerprint lock uses an ordinary mechanical bullet lock as an emergency lock. It is precisely because the ordinary mechanical bullet lock acts as an emergency lock for the fingerprint lock, which makes the fingerprint lock leave a security hazard and becomes a fatal flaw of the fingerprint lock.

Third, brand building

Even though fingerprint locks are developing rapidly in e-commerce, there are few brands of fingerprint locks that operate independently. More than 80% of fingerprint lock shop operations are not from enterprises, but from agents under the brand. Even some dealers' stores have not settled in the home brand, and their own online stores are operating as the parent brand franchise stores. They are in full swing, surpassing the stores operated by many big brands and becoming the fingerprint locker. For example, the operator's shop that specializes in Samsung fingerprint locks maintains the monthly sales of fingerprint locks in the top three online sales, and many brands that are self-operated by enterprises are far behind.

In the development of dealers in full swing, the fingerprints of the top ten fingerprint lock brands are far less than the development of dealer stores. Except for the strong development momentum of Dijir, the rest of the brands are flat, even less than the agent stores.

According to industry analysts, the main sales channels of fingerprint locks still remain in the two major areas of engineering and physical store sales. The development of e-commerce is not only high after-sales cost, but also cumbersome procedures, installation and after-sales maintenance are difficult to achieve, so many brands have no intention of wading before. . It is difficult for agents to achieve results in engineering. Therefore, it is not surprising that the eyes of the e-commerce market, which is more relaxed in terms of conditions, are actively exerted in e-commerce, and dealer dealerships are in full swing.

Fourth, the market polarization

Although the development of fingerprint locks is in full swing, the sales volume has two levels of differentiation, almost concentrated in several stores at the top of the pyramid, such as Kaidis, which started from the online store, brand model Gil, and foreign brand Samsung. The monthly sales of the three brands are over 100, and they are among the best in the sales of fingerprint locks. The total sales volume accounts for half of the sales of fingerprint locks, making many shops look bad.

In addition to these three, whether it is a brand franchise store or a dealer self-operated store, its sales are generally the same, monthly sales are generally between 1-10, there are very few shops with more than 10, and even the situation of never trading, In stark contrast to the sales of over one hundred copies of the "fingerprint lock e-commerce Sanxiong".

According to industry sources, the reason why “fingerprint locks and electricity merchants Sanxiong” is far ahead of other brands has their own characteristics. Due to the early entry time, Kaidis officially promoted the promotion in the network. The sales volume has always been ahead of other brands, and it has become a fingerprint lock online sales. However, its traditional sales are relatively weak, and there is still a gap between the top ten brands. The name of the fingerprint lock e-commerce brand. As an important representative of the top ten brands, Dijir, with its strength in traditional sales channels and perfect after-sales service, has successfully stabilized the top three positions of fingerprint lockers in the shortest six months. The development momentum and speed can not be seen. Whether chaos is e-commerce or traditional sales are worth learning from other brands. Samsung, a famous Korean fingerprint lock brand, complies with Korean standards in terms of technology and workmanship. Most of them are single-tongue locks. The security function is lower than our national standard. However, its high reputation and stylish appearance still attracts Less customers patronize.

Fifth, installation and after-sales aspects

(1) Installation cost is too high

It is understood that the price of an ordinary fingerprint lock is between 1500-4000 yuan, and the price of the fingerprint lock for the villa will be higher. Compared with several access control IC cards plus card readers, it can be said to be much more expensive.

(2) The after-sales service system needs urgent improvement

Fingerprint lock is not a simple relationship between a key and a lock, but a result of high technology, which covers technologies such as chips and biometrics. Therefore, users need a process in understanding and using it, so this cannot Less perfect after-sales service.


In the next few years, with consumers' awareness of fingerprint locks, market recognition of fingerprint locks, and the establishment of sales networks, fingerprint locks will inevitably have a revolutionary impact on the lock market. With the popularity of fingerprint lock technology, the lucrative profit of fingerprint locks will inevitably lead to the investment of many manufacturers, which will result in the expansion of production capacity in the same period far exceeding the expansion speed of the consumer market in the same period. Although the size of the lock market has increased, the market competition will inevitably become fierce.


Editor in charge: Liu Changqi


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