Talking about the development status of superhard material stone abrasive industry

Summary This year is the first year the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" for each sector of the country, it is necessary to increase the study of national policy, the right to grasp the trend of national policy, the only way to be able to judge the scientific National policy...

This year is the first year of the national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. For every industry in the country, it is necessary to increase research on national policies and correctly grasp the direction of national policies. Only in this way can we judge the country scientifically. The direction of policy guidance to further improve the industrial system. At present, the country's major policies and policies have already clarified the current domestic objective situation that needs to be faced. It is both an opportunity and a challenge for the entire stone abrasive industry.

First of all, the development of the stone abrasive industry in the current development is in full swing, but the situation is very serious. It can be said that the development of this industry has been at a very important juncture, and we must clearly recognize these problems. On the one hand, this year's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" puts forward the direction and trend of China's economic development, emphasizes the transformation of economic development mode, emphasizes the adjustment of economic structure, and gradually eliminates "high investment, high consumption, high emissions, and uncoordinated," The economic growth mode characterized by difficult circulation and low efficiency, and efforts to build a conservation-oriented, environmentally-friendly and innovative production power, has been placed in the main position and has become the country's main guiding direction. Therefore, the government will ensure the realization of the goal by rational allocation of public resources and effective use of administrative power. It is very obvious that governments at all levels will increase their binding power to industries such as energy, resources and sewage. The current production of stone abrasives is an energy-consuming and polluting industry. At the same time, there are already excess capacity and low levels. The problem of continuous deterioration of competition still exists. If there are no effective measures to reduce energy, resource consumption and reduce pollutant emissions, then the development of the industry will very likely enter a very unfavorable period. Some manufacturers believe that this is an alarmist, not worthy of trust, and look at the measures that the state has taken: the National Development and Reform Commission has included 3000 kVA ordinary brown corundum and silicon carbide smelting furnaces in the prohibited development catalogue (under 3000 kVA) The white fused smelting furnace has been explained by the association, especially the leaders of the General Assembly, and has been temporarily reserved. It has been phased out within a certain period of time. In fact, Yichuan and Zhengzhou in Henan and some local governments in Shandong have taken measures and are now required to move at least out of the city. From this point of view, does it feel that the situation is very serious?

On the other hand, the pressure of energy, raw materials, transportation capacity and capital cost makes the development of stone abrasive industry very difficult, especially the continuous reduction of profits, which is the development of enterprises. At present, the prices of various raw materials have risen. At the same time, the country is affected by the US financial crisis. Now the economy is in a recovery phase. Therefore, from the unfavorable point of view, the development of the industry this year will endure various aspects such as local government, public opinion, and employees. The pressure needs to seek the power to promote business development in the cracks. Although stone abrasive tools are currently facing serious challenges, it is necessary to see that the industry is currently facing very favorable opportunities. Because of the development of this industry, all aspects of the national economy have been designed. In recent years, China’s economic growth rate has been around 8%. After the financial crisis, the global economy is recovering. Although countries such as Western Europe are experiencing a serious economic crisis, It is predicted that after the crisis, the economies of these countries will rebound and continue to grow. The global economy, including China, can maintain a relatively high growth rate. This is of great significance for the development of China's stone abrasive industry, especially for product exports, and can promote the development of the industry.

Since last year, many companies have felt a lot of pressure. On the one hand, foreign trade orders have been greatly reduced, and most enterprises have increased their inventories. On the other hand, they feel that the domestic market lacks profit and is not active in previous years. In fact, such a problem is only temporary. According to authoritative experts, due to the influence of national policies, China’s economic operation will continue to rise. Although the current development rate has slowed down, there will be a growth rate. We must have an understanding of the development of the industry, have some control, and have confidence. Based on the analysis of the above factors, although the current year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” is beginning, the stone abrasive industry faces some challenges. There are some difficulties. However, it should be noted that the favorable global macroeconomic development situation is mainstream. Therefore, the beginning of the year is still a very good opportunity. We must firmly grasp this opportunity. In particular, most enterprises have structural adjustments, adapt to the concept and practice of transformation, and promote a new idea for the development of the industry. Some innovative methods must at the same time be able to correctly understand the problems existing in the current industry development, and actively find ways to solve such problems. Only in this way can we change the current status of industrial development and further promote the healthy and stable stone abrasive industry. development of.

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