Stainless steel door cleaning and maintenance methods

The stainless steel door , which is made of steel plate material, has the same appearance as an ordinary door. The general filling is foam or honeycomb paper. There is a solid feeling when hitting; in the middle is the door flower, and the door flower clip is inside and outside. Between the layers of glass, so can play the role of security doors, you can use the mold to make a variety of different flower door pieces, residential quarters used the most, generally used as a door, protect the inner door is not destroyed. So, how should we choose stainless steel door ? Here's to follow me to understand it!

Stainless steel door features

With a long-lasting color, never rust, beautiful appearance, novelty, elegance, more patterns and forms than ordinary doors, a variety of combinations, and durability, not only to meet people's security needs, beautiful and personalized characteristics of the people Loved it. Moreover, the stainless steel door is easy to maintain.

How to choose stainless steel door

1, see the certificate. The regular production of stainless steel gates will have the inspection certificate issued by the statutory inspection agency, and the production safety certificate issued by the safety technology prevention department issued by the safety technical protection department of the provincial public security department where the production company is located. .

2, the security level. The security factor of stainless steel security doors is divided into three levels: A, B and C. The anti-theft performance of C level is the highest, followed by B, and the lowest in A level. Currently, stainless steel security doors sold in the market are mostly Class A, and are generally applicable to ordinary households.

3, look at the material. When choosing a stainless steel security door, it mainly depends on two aspects. The first is to look at the brand. At present, the commonly used stainless steel security doors are mainly grades 302 and 304. The second is the thickness of steel plates. The thickness of the door frame steel plate of the stainless steel security door is not less than 2 cm. The thickness of the steel plate at the front and back of the door leaf is generally between 0.8 cm and 1 cm. The door leaf is provided with a skeleton and an enhanced version.


Stainless steel door cleaning

1. Dirt

There is dirt on the surface, and you can wipe with detergent. In addition, stainless steel cleaners have special cleaners, called stainless steel cleaners or stainless steel brighteners. They also use special care agents and stainless steel oils to remove stains and restore the lightness of stainless steel.

Tape trace

To remove the tape marks on the door or film, wipe with warm water and then wipe with alcohol.

3. Surface grease

The dirt on the surface can be rubbed with a soft cloth and then cleaned with ammonia solution.

4. Pickle left traces

With bleach and various acids on the surface, it can be immediately rinsed with water, washed with neutral carbonated soda, and rinsed with fresh water.

5. Rainbow pattern

Rainbow pattern, caused by too much oil or detergent, washed with warm water.

6. The surface is slightly rusty

When the surface is rusted, it can be cleaned with a concentration of 10% nitric acid, and a special maintenance fluid can be used. Finally, a similar color is applied to achieve a visibility of 1 meter.

Stubborn stains

Stubborn stains can be rubbed with radish or cucumber pedicures and can be wiped with force. Do not use steel balls, causing great damage to the door.

In addition, after the color stainless steel door is installed, the protective film is torn off within a week, otherwise the protective film is exposed to the sun and wind, and the protection wax cannot be torn or hard to tear.


Stainless steel door maintenance

First of all, during use, the opening and closing of the door should be slow, avoiding the destruction of the stainless steel door protection layer caused by collisions with other sharp and sharp objects.

Second, when used in a humid environment for maintenance, attention should be paid to oxide and microbe attack on stainless steel doors. Because of the dust in this environment, it is filled with acid gases.

In addition, when using a dry towel or a soft cloth to clean it, do not use detergents containing decomposing chemical components, and avoid the use of bleaching agents.

The above methods can improve the service life of stainless steel gates.

Editor's summary: The above is the stainless steel door cleaning and maintenance methods which are related to the knowledge, and hope to help meet the needs of the friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content.

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