Password lock - locks for home decoration: don't ignore locks

At present, there are many kinds of locks on the market, such as ball locks and anti-theft locks installed on the door; locks for the door; waterproof stainless steel lock for the bathroom; sliding door lock for the family sliding door; glass for the glass door Locks, while providing consumers with a wide choice of space, but also brought some trouble. The surface of the lock is gold-plated, silver-plated, titanium-plated, matt-plated, imitation wood, frosted, etc.

Pay attention to the following points when choosing a door lock:

1. Compared with the weight of the lock, the heavier the more, the thicker and harder the material of the lock cylinder; on the contrary, the material is thin and easy to damage.

2, watch the surface finish of the lock, whether it is fine and smooth, no spots.

3. Try to buy locks with high brand awareness to ensure quality and durability.

4. Repeatedly open to verify the sensitivity of the lock cylinder spring.

In addition, please note that there is an inconspicuous metal unlocking piece in the new lock that you bought. Don't underestimate it. If the key is lost or the lock is faulty, the lock can be easily removed and replaced with the lock piece. The unlocking piece can be removed from the keyless end, the handle removed, and the other end with the key removed, and a new lock can be installed without damaging other parts.

Install the locks and wait until the paint is completely air-dried. Otherwise, the volatiles of the paint and the surface coating of the lock will produce a chemical reaction, which will fade and mottle and affect the visual effect.

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The main function of the Edge Banding is to seal the cross-section of the board, so as to avoid the damage of the board and the adverse factors (mainly moisture) in the process of use and prevent the formaldehyde inside the board from volatilizing, and at the same time achieve the effect of beautiful decoration.

The product has the following main features: smooth surface, no blistering, no ribbing, moderate gloss, smooth surface and back surface, uniform thickness, uniform width, reasonable hardness, high elasticity, good quality, strong wear resistance, trimmed and sealed The color of the side and the side is close to the surface color, not whitish, good gloss, and the overall color of the finished furniture is coordinated.

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