Key points of high yield and high yield of autumn lettuce planting

There are many friends who planted autumn lettuce, and the sales in the market are relatively good. Today, I will share with you the key points of high yield and high yield of autumn lettuce cultivation.

Lettuce is a kind of vegetable that is especially versatile. Not only can the roots be used for cooking, but the leaves can also be used for cooking. It can be used as a variety of side dishes or as a separate vegetable. It is a health-care vegetable variety and is also common on a public table. s brand.

The amount of autumn lettuce is large, because the requirements of the lettuce environment for the production environment need to have low temperature characteristics, and the excessive temperature is not suitable. Therefore, after planting in summer and autumn, before harvesting in winter, there is sufficient water and high yield. It is excellent, and it can be listed in large quantities. It is filled with the autumn vegetable market and is also a kind of vegetable planting with great economic value. At present, among the vast number of consumers, there is a high degree of recognition for the technical requirements for the cultivation of autumn lettuce. Here, several high-yielding technical points are used for simple inventory, which requires guidance on practical cultivation.

Seed selection, nowadays, there are varieties with strong adaptability in different regions. Choosing the most suitable variety and planting can lay a foundation for high yield. This is also a very important task. Of course, it is necessary to combine the local environmental characteristics to select seeds. This is the most basic condition.

Breeding, lettuce seedlings must consider pest control and organic fertilizer and sufficient water, maintaining these basic conditions, for the practice of seedling success, also has a particularly important significance and role. Improve the survival rate of nursery, technical guarantee is also an important task and condition, the premise of grasping the opportunity of seedling, the choice of seedbed, the combination of soil nutrition of seedbed, the maintenance of moisture, and the proper humidity are the key management points of nursery. It is also an important basic condition for nursery that must be paid enough attention.

Planting, when the lettuce shoots grow to four or five leaves, you can start to prepare for planting. After determining the line and plant spacing, the planting should be completed in one time. Each plant should be buried in the soil and fixed by soil. On the basis of not affecting the stem of the plant, the planting should have stability.

Watering, watering after planting has become the main task. Fertilizers and nutrients in soil conditions, through the way of water absorption, plants can grow healthily. In the process of watering, master the technical points and also the growth of plants. Very important meaning, in which the process of watering and colonizing, the first water is poured through the foot, the seedling water is slow, and the second water is to promote the growth of water.

In the case of sufficient water and fertilizer, a large amount of harvest before winter, the yield per mu is more than 10,000 kg, and the autumn lettuce can basically reach the target. For the current management requirements, summer and autumn planting autumn lettuce, to achieve high-yield and high-yield goals, as long as management can keep up, water and fertilizer can keep up, there is no problem, and often there will be very good economic benefits.

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