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The material is rare and expensive. The bronze door is a luxurious style that shows the aristocratic identity. The taste is rising and the value is high. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the copper door can gather wealth and security, so more people prefer to install the copper door as the entry door. What kind of copper door material is good? Which copper door manufacturer has good reputation and quality? Like the famous gold Zun copper on the market, whether it is quality or service, it is consistent with consumers and industry professionals. Approved, then how should the copper door be chosen? We learned about the copper door selection method according to the staff of Jinzun Copper:

1. Check the performance and structure of the door lock. Select the anti-drill lock. After the drill bit is drilled into the lock hole, the lock will rotate synchronously with the drill bit when rotating, which can play the role of the lock without being damaged. The lock requires a three-way locking structure, three hinges for single door opening, six hinges for double door opening, and a door lock for the door leaf and the door frame. Even if the hinge is broken, the door cannot be opened.

2. It is best to choose the number of locks on the door and the number of inserts. It is best to choose two locks to control the two plungers. Even if it can be destroyed, it will delay the time. Generally speaking, a lock can control 3 to 4 plungers. Such a door has poor anti-theft performance. Once the lock is damaged, several plungers lose their effect at the same time.

3. Look at the thickness and area of ​​the reinforcing plate around the lock. The copper door is divided into two types: closed type and fence type. No matter which one is chosen, the lock is the main part of the theft damage, so the lock core should be thicker than 2 The cold steel plate of millimeters has a height of not less than 500 mm.

4, look at the quality of the process of copper door material selection is fundamental, the quality of production process is the key. In particular, attention should be paid to the presence or absence of weld defects such as open welding, unwelded welding, missing welding, and slag inclusion. Check whether the cooperation between the door leaf and the door frame is dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, whether all the joints are foraging, whether the paint plating is uniform, firm and smooth.

Can the above methods help you solve the problem of choosing a copper door? If you still have questions, you can consult the staff of Jinzun Copper. You have experienced professional staff to analyze your needs and help you choose the most suitable copper door!

Editor in charge: Zhou Lingling

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