Jack price list display and working principle introduction

Jack refers to a light lifting device that uses a rigid jack to make a working device and uses a top bracket or a bottom bracket to lift a heavy object within a small range. Jacks are mainly used in vehicle repairs and other lifting and support work in industries and departments such as factories, mines, transportation, etc. Its structure is light and sturdy and it is also very flexible and reliable. It can be operated and carried by one person. There are many jack brands in the market, and the jack prices of different brands are also different. Let's take a closer look at the jack price list below!



   Jack price list


Licensing labor-saving jack off-road car jack car hand-cranked car jack car SUV business car scissor jack 1.5 tons labor-saving type ST-105C: ï¿¥ 98.00

TORIN silver low-position vertical hydraulic jack auto repair tool trolley car van van tire change lifting tool 3 tons with plastic box: ï¿¥ 69.00

ANMA car jack auto auto repair tool scissor 2T car jack AM9103 hand load 2 tons: ï¿¥ 69.00

Zhihui car hand jacks for car tools, car jacks, car jacks, car tires, special hydraulic horizontal 2 tons enhanced version, double teeth, labor saving three generations: ï¿¥ 178.00

Torin (TORIN) red horizontal hydraulic jack 2.5 tons auto repair tool ultra low position car car van van suv tire change tool plastic box section 2.5T: ï¿¥ 249.00

Note: The above prices are all from the Internet, for reference only.


  Working principle of jack


Jacks are divided into mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks, etc., the principles are different. In principle, the most basic principle that hydraulic transmission is based on is Pascal's law, that is, the pressure of the liquid is consistent everywhere. In this way, in a balanced system, the pressure applied on the smaller piston is smaller, and the pressure applied on the larger piston is also larger, which can keep the liquid still. Therefore, through the transfer of liquid, different pressures on different ends can be obtained, and a change can be achieved. The hydraulic jacks commonly used by people use this principle to achieve force transmission. The screw lower jack pulls the handle back and forth, the claw is pulled to push the ratchet clearance to rotate, and the small bevel gear drives the large bevel gear to rotate the weight lifting screw, so that the lifting sleeve can be lifted or lowered, and the function of lifting tension is achieved. But it is not as simple as hydraulic jack.

The above is the price list of jacks and the working principle of jacks shared with friends. Jacks are used in many industries. The common one is the automobile-specific jack, which is used to repair the vehicle. Novice car owners generally put spare jacks on the car. It is recommended that friends choose mechanical jacks, because mechanical jacks are safer.

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