In 2009, the added value of the equipment industry increased by 13.8% year-on-year.

Abstract Miao Wei, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry recently said that the role of central economic stimulus package of 2009, China's equipment industrial added value increased 13.8%, the successful implementation of V-shaped reversal. The nursery is the seventh time of the China Electrotechnical Society held in Beijing...

Miao Wei, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that under the influence of the central economic stimulus package, the added value of China's equipment industry in 2009 increased by 13.8% year-on-year, and the V-shaped reversal was successfully achieved.

Miao Wei made the above statement at the 7th National Congress of the Chinese Electrotechnical Society held in Beijing. He said that since the implementation of the three key industry adjustment and revitalization plans for the automobile industry, the shipbuilding industry and the equipment manufacturing industry in 2009, the implementation effects of various policy measures have gradually emerged.

The data shows that the economic prosperity index of the equipment manufacturing industry in the fourth quarter of last year was 99.7 points, which has risen for three consecutive quarters, and the industry is basically close to the normal level of the economy. The early warning index also rose by 3.3 points from the previous quarter, in a normal "green light zone".

Miao Wei stressed that at present, China's equipment manufacturing industry is in a critical period of becoming bigger and stronger. In the future, mergers and acquisitions should be taken as the main direction of adjusting industrial structure, and the equipment manufacturing industry should be accelerated to become stronger and bigger.

The reporter learned that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's adjustment of the equipment manufacturing industry is to optimize the organizational structure of the equipment manufacturing industry with the focus on promoting mergers and acquisitions. The formation of large-scale enterprise groups with international competitiveness is an important symbol for the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also hopes that equipment manufacturing enterprises should speed up the establishment of a modern enterprise system, deepen internal reforms, and transform operating mechanisms. In the direction of equity diversification, we encourage joint reorganization between equipment manufacturing companies, affiliated companies, enterprises and research institutes, and foster large-scale enterprise groups through various channels.

Under the guidance of this idea, in 2010, well-known manufacturing enterprises including China CNR, China Yizhong, China Duzhong, China Xidian Group accelerated the pace of listing, and large equipment manufacturing enterprises have become listed since the restart of the new stock review. The main force.

According to industry insiders, the listing will enhance the restructuring advantages of leading manufacturing companies. With the support of the competent authorities, the equipment manufacturing industry will have outstanding performance in 2010.  

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