How to plant strawberries in autumn? The trick of planting strawberries in autumn

The trick of planting strawberries in autumn:

1. Select the soil:

The soil is very important, and the yield and quality of the strawberry are determined to some extent. Therefore, the strawberry should be planted as much as possible to select the sandy loam which is fertile and close to the water.

2. Transplanting should be timely:

Strawberries can be transplanted in the middle of September. After transplanting, the anti-bacterial fertilizer can be sprayed as much as possible to create better protection conditions for strawberry growth.

3. Management:

Strawberries must be managed in time after transplanting, especially paying attention to sunny days to properly shade, cover the rain, water the strawberries in time, fertilize in appropriate conditions, apply more fertilizer to promote growth, and promote better strawberry. In the line, apply the foliar fertilizer before the flowering of the strawberry, increase the yield and quality of the strawberry, reduce the rate of fruit drop, and reduce the occurrence of cracked fruit.

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