Good or bad ceramic tiles and wooden floor tiles

For most users, dress up is not an ordinary thing, and it may be once in a lifetime. Therefore, special attention must be paid to it, especially when selecting building materials, care must be taken not to mention that tiles and floors are common materials. Clean but too popular tiles, wooden floors and comfortable but difficult to manage, so the two each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and suitable for different spaces, Xiao Bian gave you good at elaborate tile or wood flooring good, I hope for your Purchase to provide some help to help you buy a suitable decoration materials.

Good tile or wooden floor

First, thermal performance

From the aspect of thermal insulation, the latter has a great advantage, and bricks have relatively poor performance due to the fast heat conduction, especially in the unheated but near-winter spring and the winter without heating, the entire ground gives People feel cold and not comfortable enough.

Second, personal safety

Compared with the latter, the former has a relatively lower coefficient of friction and is therefore more prone to slippage. Occasionally, there are minor accidents of falling or rubbing in the home. Especially when there are elderly people and children in the home, the damage is more serious, so the floor is more Suitable for home furnishing.

Third, daily maintenance

From the aspect of maintenance, bricks seem to be easy to look at. They often appear black seams in real time, and they are scratchy. When they are broken, they need to be completely replaced. Wooden floors have been greatly improved in wear resistance. Problems have arisen. It can also be replaced monolithically, so the wooden floor is superior to the daily maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring

1, wood floor advantages

The durability of this material is very good, the thickness of a unified set in 18mm up and down to ensure the wear resistance, and because the material is taken from natural wood, no radiation, no formaldehyde, no harm to the human body, of course, the foot is also very Comfortable, with good thermoregulation, natural texture also gives people a sense of return to nature, return to the original feeling, texture and beauty are higher than many of the tiles.

2, wood floor defects

The degree of difficulty of maintenance is better, due to the impact of climate and humidity, easy to deform after immersion in water, and easy to be scratched by sharp objects, so need regular waxing maintenance, in addition the price is relatively more expensive, the same grade of wooden floor Compared to tiles, the price will be much more.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tiles

1, the advantages of tiles

Maintenance is relatively easy, it is not easy to filth, it is generally not scratched, the use of a relatively long period of time, just a simple cleaning can also be fire, water, corrosion, durability and other properties, size and The color is more abundant, and the repair effect is comparable to the wooden floor.

2, the shortcomings of tiles

The comfort is relatively poor, especially in winter, the feeling is very cold, the foot is hard, while the laying process is more complicated, the construction is cumbersome, from the security point of view, tiles in the wet season is easy to slip, for the elderly and children in the home In the family, there are even greater security risks.

Summary: The above is a good tile or wood floors good content briefing, I believe you users to ceramic tile or wood flooring good good already have a better understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult small series.

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