Experts Analyze Seven Advantages of Heating Heating

Nowadays families who pursue quality of life will choose to use radiators to solve the winter cold. In the north, heating has been widespread, and people in the south have gradually become accustomed to this comfortable way of heating. After heating the radiator, the indoor heating temperature can be controlled between 18-22°C, and the human body feels most comfortable. Radiator heat dissipation is radiant heat dissipation and convection heat dissipation. Compared with air-conditioning direct-fire heating, the human body feels more comfortable and convenient to use.

1. The most comfortable heating. The heating medium is water. The water is warm and soft, which is why many people like to hold a hot water bottle. If you have a warm floor in your home, this feeling is very obvious. The temperature is from bottom to top, warm and cool. In addition, there is no feeling of dryness or dizziness when using heating.

2, heating the most healthy. Traditional air-conditioning heating will cause many problems. Staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time will feel top-heavy, dry skin, and difficulty in breathing. Heating heating will not cause such problems. Whether it is a radiator or floor heating, it will not affect normal work and life, and it is very beneficial to human health.

3, heating the most energy. The heating area of ​​the heating is much larger than other home heating methods, and the heat is high, the thermal efficiency is high, and the gas consumption is small. The heating efficiency is up to 90% and the new type is up to 109% more efficient. Compared to electricity or other heating methods, heating heating can save 30% to 40% of the energy efficiency, and energy efficiency is unmatched. Northcast radiator experts suggest that the room is equipped with a thermostat that can be controlled at any time according to the start of the indoor temperature control heating, effectively save energy.

4, heating the most human. Different from central heating, the temperature of the heating can be controlled autonomously. It is easy to use, safe and reliable. It is insulated, flame-retardant, and waterproof. It will not be like water leakage, air leakage, or hot scalding in traditional heating. According to the user's room area, there are a variety of models available for heating heating. Regardless of whether you are an ordinary small house or a villa, Northcast can provide solutions.

5, heating the most fashionable. Modern urban people are increasingly demanding home environments. Traditional heating equipment such as air conditioners have a large appearance and occupy a certain amount of home space, making the overall home environment inconsistent. The compact and stylish appearance of the boiler meets the aesthetic needs of modern people. The form does not occupy the home environment, and its elegant and elegant appearance also makes the whole environment more beautiful.

6, heating the most cost-effective. The heating heating costs can be controlled independently, the temperature can be adjusted, the heating time can be arranged by oneself, and can be switched off when not at home. The heating cost depends entirely on itself. It is worth mentioning that the service life of cast iron heater is longer than that of general heating equipment. If it is properly maintained, the service life is more than 50 years.

7, the most flexible heating. In addition to providing heat independently, heating can also be used with other heat sources. Heating can be used in conjunction with central air conditioning, which is far more effective than using central air conditioning alone. In addition, it can also be combined with heat energy from high energy sources such as ground energy and air energy to provide them with stable and effective heat. According to domestic leading home furnishing industry experts, currently integrated projects such as floor-heating boilers combined with ground source heat pump, heating combined with floor heating have been successful cases. Heating is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, comfortable and durable, and it caters to the country's call to promote the use of clean energy. Together with its safe, reliable and easy-to-use features, heating is a bright future in the heating market.

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