Cold air has little effect on agricultural production in Nanping City

The twelfth lunar month is not cold, but the spring is flying in the snow.

It is very different from the warm weather of the year ago. In the past few days, there has been continuous snowfall in all parts of northern Fujian.

  "Before the fifth day, it seems that going back to the summer, only wearing a T -shirt is enough. I didn't expect to have a winter feeling after standing in the spring, lying in bed, I can't bear to leave the bed." Miss Lin told reporters that The Spring Festival was particularly warm, and there was no taste in winter. I thought it would not be cold anymore. I didn't expect a rain, and even the snow was down. I heard that there is snow in the mountains, and she and her friends plan to go up the mountain to shoot snow.

According to the relevant person in charge of the meteorological department, on the 7th , with a strong cold air going south, there was a clear cooling (snow) process in the city. During the day and night on the 9th , there was snow or sleet in the city. The area is even more snowy, and the snow in the high mountains of Shunchang, Glossy, and Wuyishan reaches 3 cm. Is expected next week, the city will maintain the cold rain (snow) weather, extreme minimum temperature will appear on the 11th morning, most of the township minimum temperature of -3 - 0 ℃ (high altitude mountain -5 ℃ - -3 ℃), 12 By the 13th , there was still light snow or sleet in the northern and high mountains. From the 15th , the temperature gradually rose.

  "The rain and snow weather, crop damage is not on the city, not much impact on agricultural production." In the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture by the workstation, owners Xujin Bin told reporters, every year from December to next February It is the coldest time in our city. During this period, most of the crops in our city are in hibernation or have not been planted and bred. Even if crops are planted, they are relatively cold-resistant varieties, so it does not affect the normal agricultural production in our city. get on.

Xu Jinbin said that at present, the agricultural departments at all levels in the city reminded farmers to take measures to prevent cold and freeze through network and text messages according to the actual situation of each place. Some agricultural technology cadres also went to the fields to guide farmers. Farmers only need to cover the film, heat-fertilizing fertilizer, cultivating and cultivating soil to prevent water accumulation, and places where conditions can be placed in the greenhouse to cover the current cold air. (Lin Jiaqi Lu Guohua Zhang Xiaowen)

Source: Weibei Daily

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