Classification of sandpaper

Classification of sandpaper Commonly known as sand skin. A material for grinding. In actual use, the classification of sandpaper is not uniform.

According to the use of sponge sandpaper: suitable for grinding smooth parts, all kinds of materials can be.

Dry sandpaper: Suitable for roughing or grinding rougher materials such as iron pipe metal.

Water sandpaper: The texture is relatively fine, water sandpaper is suitable for grinding some of the more delicate texture, but also for post-processing;

Water sanding paper has a small gap between the sand grains and a small grinding ground. When the water is used together with the water, the ground water will flow out with the water. Therefore, it should be used together with water. If you take the water and dry it, it will be ground. Will stay in the sand gap, so that the surface of the sandpaper light to achieve its original effect, and dry sandpaper is not so much trouble, its gap between the sand larger grinding out of the broken is also larger It does not need to be used with water because it will fall out during the grinding process due to large gaps.

According to the name of the product, wood sandpaper, namely dry sandpaper, water sandpaper, namely water-resistant sandpaper, and iron sandpaper, is a type of dry sandpaper, which is relatively coarse and can grind metal surfaces as quickly as possible.

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