China's new TPE materials will become the development direction of plastic enterprises

With the advent of the low-carbon economy era, some traditional materials and processes can no longer meet the development requirements. Energy-saving, environmental protection and light weight have become the hotspots of TPE plastics enterprises. New TPE materials are bound to become the development direction of plastics enterprises. . As a new type of elastomer material that is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly, TPE has a very broad future prospect.
It is understood that the Asia-Pacific region has always been the largest market for TPE and will account for nearly half of global demand. In terms of total quantity, China is the world's largest consumer of TPE, and its demand will continue to grow. Compared to the 2007~2012 recession, TPE demand in North America and Western Europe will improve significantly. For countries in other parts of the world, especially in Africa/Middle East, the growth rate of TPE demand will be significantly higher than the average growth rate of the world. From the perspective of the application industry, automobiles account for the largest share of the world TPE market.
1. TPE can replace traditional materials such as thermosetting rubber and PVC plastic.
Its easy processing performance has become one of the main driving factors for the continuous growth of the US TPE market. At present, the replacement rate of thermosetting rubber in TPE in the United States is already high, but there is still room for improvement in the replacement rate of automotive sealing systems and medical products. Due to the environmental concerns of PVC, the United States has paid great attention to it. Reducing the use of PVC materials and switching to environmentally friendly materials has become one of the mainstream trends in the future. TPE is one of the ideal materials to replace PVC with its outstanding flexibility and ease of processing;
Second, TPE new products emerge in an endless stream
Today, as environmental protection concepts continue to deepen in people's hearts, more and more manufacturers focus on developing environmentally friendly products. In addition, improving the product's own performance is also the focus of research and development, thereby further broadening the application field to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of customers;
Third, TPE has recyclability
A major feature of TPE products is that they can be recycled and recycled, and the performance of products reprocessed after recycling has not decreased significantly. Disposal of waste rubber has become an increasingly prominent social problem in the United States, and TPE will also be favored by end customers with its recyclability characteristics;
As mentioned above, TPE will slowly replace the previous PVC, from the beginning of the non-environmental protection to the current environmental protection, from the beginning of the non-recyclable to the current recycling, the above characteristics can prove that TPE is slowly moving into the future market.

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