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When it comes to the purchase of hardware products, most of the projects are about to come to an end. The building materials market and large and small building materials supermarkets in Beijing’s four cities and eight districts are also basically in mind. But buying hardware and buying other building materials and furniture can be quite different in the market and in supermarkets. What is the difference between the cats in the hardware market and other building materials consumption? How do you buy them? The reporter went to the major building materials market to investigate and interviewed relevant experts. Experts remind consumers: buy hardware, do not care, at least have to professional.

Faucet: seal difference buy

According to Wang Gong of the Hardware Product Quality Testing Center, many manufacturers are currently pursuing profits, reducing costs, reducing the material of the products, using the eliminated cast iron, rust, zinc alloy, and non-corrosion as raw materials for faucet production. There is a problem with the quality of the product. These faucets with internal materials are difficult to distinguish in appearance. It is understood that the quality of the faucet and the hose is not good, and the problems such as the material and the wall thickness cause the strength performance and the sealing performance of the faucet to fall short of the standard. This situation {TodayHot} should attract the attention of the user.

Wang Gong pointed out that the faucet currently sold on the market has a complicated processing technology and a good surface sealing property. When the consumer is in the process of purchasing, he can see whether there is a gap between the faucet and the switch when turning the handle of the faucet. The faucet with no gaps, easy and unobstructed, and no slippery is better. Inferior gaps are large, and the resistance is large; in addition, look at the faucet parts, especially the main parts are tightly assembled, the valve body and handle of the good faucet are all made of brass, the weight is heavy, and there is a sense of dignity; Identification marks are indispensable when purchasing. Generally, regular products have the manufacturer's brand identity, while some informal products or some quality products often only have some paper labels, or even no marks.

In addition, the most critical quality of the faucet is the valve core. The faucets currently on the market have rubber spools, ball spools and stainless steel spools. The stainless steel valve core is a new generation of valve core material with good sealing performance, stable physical properties and long service life. The main body of the faucet is made of bronze. The good faucet should be cast in one piece. The sound is dull when knocked. If the sound is very brittle, it is made of stainless steel and the quality is worse. The surface of the faucet is galvanized, titanium coated, painted, and the like. The plating thickness is good, and the surface of the plating layer can be observed to be bright. The coating of the imported faucet is thick and not easy to fall off and oxidize. The plating layer should have a protective film, and the plating layer without the protective film is easily faded.

It is still difficult to distinguish the root cause of faucet breakage. At present, the National Technical Quality Supervision Bureau has issued the recommended standards for sealing nozzles and hose standards. These two standards have relatively well defined the quality standards for faucets and hoses. Consumers can go to the quality inspection department to detect the twisting force of the faucet hose, the sealing of the faucet valve core, and the strength of the faucet material, and as a strong evidence of prosecution.

Hardware: a similar price difference

Small hardware refers to furniture hardware, door locks, stainless steel zippers, etc. They {HotTag} account for a small proportion of the cost of the entire renovation process, so many consumers are easy to ignore the quality of the hardware and only consider its price, in fact, hardware is a common part of the home, its quality is related to home improvement design The life of the quality used. The biggest difficulty in buying small hardware in the market is to identify the advantages and disadvantages. Now the manufacturers are basically in the stage of imitating each other in terms of style and technology. Therefore, many booths have been turned, and most of the hardware seen may be similar in appearance. The staff said that it is copper chrome plating, high smoothness and durability, but the price is very different. In a building materials market near Yuquanying, the reporter saw that the price of the triangular basket with similar appearance is from 10 to 30 yuan. The price of the door lock is almost 10 times worse than 30 to 300 yuan.

It is understood that the internal materials of the hardware are mainly zinc alloy, copper, stainless steel, plastic, etc. The best way to distinguish them is to look at their weight. In general, according to the weight, the order of the hardware materials is copper and stainless steel. , zinc alloy, plastic. Due to the different cost of various materials, copper is generally the most expensive among the four materials, followed by stainless steel, zinc alloy and plastic. In addition, the finish of the hardware can also provide us with some purchase information. Compared with the chrome-plated and electroplated surface, the former is brighter and less rusting.

Aluminum gusset: alert to install a scam

Compared with other hardware products, the purchase of aluminum gussets involves the installation and installation costs of the manufacturer. In order to achieve the purpose of attracting consumers to purchase, some building materials dealers tempted consumers to place orders with low installation costs. Generally, the installation cost of light steel keel is about 40 yuan per square meter, and the decoration company's quotation is more than 50 yuan. If someone quotes you a price of 15 yuan per square meter, it is rough in construction and the day is finished. Live, he ended the battle in two hours; maybe he blackened you elsewhere, such as stealing a column and giving you fakes.

According to reports, the cost of the ceiling consists of three parts: the first is the money of the aluminum gusset; the second is the material money of the corner, the general dealer will help you calculate how many corners you need according to your situation; the third part It is artificial money. It should include all excipients, such as the installation fee of 15 yuan per square meter mentioned above. Some are a kind of behavior that deceives consumers. They say it is 15 yuan. It is actually a labor fee and does not contain any excipients. When you install your home, you have to go out and buy keels, nails, etc., and finally calculate the money you spent on the accessories, the freight and the time and energy you took, I am afraid more than 30 yuan.

In addition, there is a misunderstanding in the purchase of aluminum gussets - the thicker the plate, the better. It is understood that some of the miscellaneous uses of cans of aluminum, this aluminum itself can not be made very thin, therefore, in addition to pay attention to the surface finish of the aluminum gusset, but also to observe whether the thickness of the board is even, pinch by hand Think about the board, whether the elasticity and toughness are good.

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