BCB series cycloid gear pump design perfect

BCB series cycloid gear pump design perfect! BCB series cycloidal internal gear pump structural features BCB series cycloid internal gear pump in the oil transmission system can be used for transmission, booster pump. In the fuel system can be used for transmission, pressure, jet fuel pump. In all industrial areas can be used for lubrication pump. BCB Series Cycloid Internal Gear Pump BCB Series Cycloid Internal Gear Pump This series of gear pump gear, shaft, pump body, pump cover, shaft seal and other components into a cycloid as a circular arc as its gear Toothed. Made of wear-resistant powder metallurgy material. Its compact structure, smooth operation, high efficiency, long life. Sealing a mechanical seal and packing seal in two forms, the user can choose according to the requirements. BCB series cycloidal gear pump Scope BCB series cycloidal gear pump is suitable for conveying solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, the temperature is not higher than 120 º C, the viscosity of 5 ~ 1500cst of lubricating oil or other similar nature At present, our factory has more than 10 pumps such as twin screw, triple screw pump, single screw pump, KCB gear pump, 2CY gear pump, KCG, BCB, YCB, BRY, RCB, NYP, 2CG, FXA and CYZ A series of many types of varieties, can deliver high viscosity, low viscosity, high temperature, room temperature, and corrosive fluid substances to meet the needs of the petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, electric power, grain and oil, food, transportation and other industries to send fluid material Welcome Friends from all walks of life calls negotiate!

Pneumatic Telescopic Mast with power of air source, promote the movement of multicylinder through air compression to lift the mast. Pneumatic telescopic mast industry has experienced a rapid development recently. This mast has been widely used in various fields such as illumination, communication, disaster relief and etc. Due to the features of light loading, general structures, normal maintenance, high security, extreme weather, pneumatic masts have been recognized gradually.

Pneumatic Locking Mast

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