Bathroom pipe fittings attention to the errors in the decoration

Although the bathroom is a small area, the decoration of the bathroom is not careful, it will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to life. So be sure to pay attention when installing the bathroom sewer. The following Xiaobian explains the misunderstanding of the bathroom pipe fittings and the precautions for installing the sewer.

Toilet pipe fittings attention

1. Before the renovation of the bathroom pipe, it is necessary to check whether the pipes and connecting parts are cracked or damaged.

2. Bathroom Pipeline Renovation When designing the sewer pipe, pay attention to the installation position of the faucet of the washing machine in the home, and the layout of the water, etc., taking into account whether the position of the power outlet is suitable.

3. Pay attention to the installation of the water pipe in the decoration of the bathroom pipe. The best place to install the pipe is to take the top safely. If the water pipe is installed in the ground, it will be difficult to find a problem if it leaks when it breaks. Moreover, the characteristic of the water is that the water flows down and the households under the cracking downstairs of the water pipe will suffer damage, or they will have to wait until the floor is deformed to find out that the water pipe is out of order. Because the pipes are buried underground, it is difficult to find where the leaks are. Such losses are incalculable and will affect friendly relations with neighbors. If the water pipe goes to the top, it can be found immediately if there is a problem, it is easy to overhaul, and the loss is small. However, the cost of retrofitting the pipe to the top will be relatively high, and it is still feasible for long-term benefits.

4. Toilet pipe fittings should pay attention to the installation of hot water pipes. The inlet and outlet of the water heater should be distinguished. The pipe to the bathroom should be connected at the outlet, and the Main Valve should be connected to the inlet. After these installations, open the valve and check for leaks. Then install the faucet and shower head on it.

5. Consider the thickness of the wall tiles when installing the bathroom plumbing.

6. Minimize the risk of water leakage by installing as few or no attachment fittings as possible under the floor and in the wall. To install, ensure that the connection fittings are secure and leak-free.

7. The toilet pipe must be remembered for pressure test after decoration. The pressurization test should be carried out under 1.5 times water pressure to ensure no water leakage.

Misunderstandings in decoration

1. When installing the drain pipe, the installation worker walks from the top to the bottom. When the shower bracket is installed, he does not dare to open the hole. The bracket can only be installed on the corner of the wall so that the inclined pipe will affect the appearance of the bathroom.

2. When the waterway is reformed, if there are old water pipes under the ground, they will often be destroyed when the ground is removed. At this time, you must not hesitate to replace them all with new ones to ensure safety.

3. Toilet lines go underground because they cannot be seen, so problems are hard to find.

The article concludes: Bathroom pipe decoration is a tedious thing, do not pay attention because of trouble. If the pipeline is broken, it will not only cost energy, it will also affect the relationship with the neighbors. Therefore, be cautious when decorating bathroom pipes. The above-mentioned toilet pipe fittings and misunderstandings can be used for reference.

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