Analysis on advantages and disadvantages of slope protection gabion network

Introduction: The slope protection bank gabion net is a gabion grid structure filled with stones. According to the slope slope, the land slope can be tiled, slanted, ramps and other ways to achieve slope protection and ecological reforestation application effect!

Analysis on advantages and disadvantages of slope protection gabion network

Nowadays, society pays more and more attention to river water environmental pollution and supports and promotes all structural methods that can help afforest and promote the natural ecological environment of river water conservancy. The Gabin network structure is used in water conservancy projects, road projects, bridge projects, embankments, etc. In order to protect building materials and achieve protective functions such as slope protection and bank revetment, ecological management will be adopted. Therefore, the use of gabion networks will become more and more widespread. We will see such slope protection structures everywhere, and the value of gabion will also increase. The more improved.

Common slope protection structures mainly include the following types:

one. Slurry block stone or dry stone block slope protection bank

Slurry block stone is a slope protection revetment structure that uses mortar as filling material to bind different sizes of block stones together; dry block stone is a slope protection revetment structure directly using block stones.

two. Cast-in-place concrete and prefabricated blocks

The cast-in-situ concrete and prefabricated block slope protection bank is concrete pre-casting concrete stencils, and is made into a regular hexagonal concrete prefabricated block with a size of 25 cm and a thickness of 15 cm. The structure is laid in order from the slope foot to the slope bank.

three. Gabine slope revetment

The gabion net slope protection bank is to use a galvanized iron wire with tensile strength and ductility or a PVC wrap yarn machine to make a double twisted twisted hexagonal cage cage structure, and these different size cage structures are filled with hard weather resistant stones. Slope and bank protection, gabion net slope protection bank can be planted on the structure of the planting or natural growth of green plants, in the slope protection bank at the same time can take into account the greening of the environment.

What are the gabion slope revetment? Compared with mortar masonry and concrete prefabricated bank revetment slope protection, the flexible structure of gabine network has better suitable foundation than hard structures such as mortar masonry and concrete, and it can self-adjust and not grind stone masonry when encountering foundation subsidence. The concrete will collapse like a gabion. When gabion slope protection is a whole structure of multiple cages filled with stones, the damage of a single cage will not affect the overall structure, just to repair the damage can be, mortar stone, concrete It will not reach this kind of maintenance effect. The gaps in the gabion network structure will help the natural growth of herbaceous plants on the slopes from the soil and silt. If you want to green the environment quickly, you can also artificially sow the soil. When the green plants grow, small animals will naturally inhabit. Reproduction, this can achieve long-term ecological function of bank slope, in the river protection slope protection bank when the gabine network grid is also conducive to people falling into the water to climb to save themselves, mortar masonry, concrete prefabricated block bank protection slope can not achieve this effect.

Anything has its own defects, and the gabion network structure is no exception. The gabion mesh is exposed, the corrosion of metals, the aging of plastic meshes, the performance of alloys, etc., as well as the localization of exposed mesh are easily damaged. Loose stones in the interior easily fall out of the net and are an important factor affecting the safety of such structures. In addition, the cut ends of the metal and gabine meshes are very sharp, and the hydrophilic activities and people who climb and save themselves are easily injured.

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