Analysis of the application of plastics in the beverage market

In the 1990s, bottled beverages used an aluminum-plastic composite lid opening force tester to push the plastic anti-theft cover to the front of the beverage packaging. Since then, China's domestic powerful packaging companies and beverage manufacturers have introduced foreign equipment and started mass production and application of plastic anti-theft covers. Today, plastic caps that are both thin and easy to open for beverage packaging not only facilitate consumers, but also accelerate the development of the beverage industry.
Drinks in aluminum and plastic packaging
Due to the fierce competition in the domestic beverage industry, many well-known beverage companies have adopted the latest production technology and equipment, which has made China's capping machinery and plastic cover production technology reach the world's advanced level. World-renowned capping machines such as Bailey Gai, Sacmi, Husky and Demag have also entered China. At the same time, in the field of plastic cap production, the battle for injection molding and compression molding has also opened, and technological innovation is undoubtedly the driving force for the rapid development of plastic anti-theft caps.
Since then, various styles of caps have been popular in the market, so what kind of caps can be easily opened, the weight of the reliable support caps is reduced, and the heat resistance is improved, but it must also be easy to open. This is especially important for the two specific target groups of function and health drinks (eg juice), the elderly and children. In order to better meet the individual needs of the products, the beverage companies have worked hard on the packaging caps of the products. At the same time, suppliers have also introduced covers with different functions and forms. This not only adapts to the needs of the product, but also gives end-users more opportunities to choose.
Domestic products for drinking water, carbonated beverages and tea beverages in China can basically meet the needs. The medium and low-speed bottle and packing equipment also have matching products to choose from. In the hot filling machine, each equipment factory It can solve the process requirements of control and sealing of equipment under hot filling environment. In the case of PET bottles and metal cans, the packaging line of beverage companies is basically the world of introducing equipment.
At present, bottled water accounts for a large market share of Chinese beverages. Bottled water packaging is the same as PET bottles for carbonated beverage packaging. The requirements are relatively low, and domestic equipment has a lot of room for development. Due to the lower profitability of PET bottles for bottled water, current bottle making equipment is also dominated by high-speed lines. Therefore, there will be strong competitiveness in the bottled water and carbonated beverage markets.
In the next few years, China's beverage and beer industries will enter a critical period of integration. During this period, the merger and reorganization of enterprises will be more frequent. Whether it is beverages or beer, it will further form a giant enterprise and occupy a larger market share. In line with this, packaging machinery will develop in both versatility and single high speed. It is understood that the output value of China's food packaging machinery is about 30 billion yuan, and the annual import of food packaging machinery is about 1 billion US dollars. Among them, beverage and beer packaging machinery account for a considerable proportion. With the rapid development of the beverage and beer industries, beverage and beer matching machinery will have greater development potential.

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