70 square meters of small apartment how to decorate how to enlarge the function of a small space

With the increase of the urban population, house prices are also rising. Due to limited funds, more and more home buyers can only choose small-sized houses, of which the area of ​​about 70 square meters is the most common. How about 70 square meters of small apartment decoration ? Today, we pass the following content, take a look at about 70 square meters of small apartment how to decorate it!

70 square meters of small apartment how decoration

1. Small apartment renovation of about 70 square meters, it is necessary to maintain sufficient lighting. Before the overall design and planning, attention should be paid to the problem of light source, but the lighting area of ​​the house should not be too large. If the space is dark, floor-to-ceiling windows can be installed to increase the lighting and make the space bright and spacious.

2. The small apartment design of about 70 square meters should adopt simple and swift methods as a whole, and it is too cumbersome to decorate, which will make the space become depressing. Try not to use such partitions to cut off the space, which will make the space become narrow because of the functional division. You can design the living room and the dining room to connect, so that the space has an extended sense.

3. The choice of small apartment color around 70 square meters is also very important. The use of light colors, the simpler the shape, will create a visual sense of increasing space. Use white, beige, light blue and other colors, with some cool colors, will make the space more spacious. At the same time, the color of the furniture and the tone of the floor should be in harmony with the overall main tone, so that the decorative effect will be more prominent.

4. In the small-sized apartment renovation, furniture selection will directly affect the overall effect. It is advisable to use simple furniture with modular lines or light weight or multi-functional furniture products. Allowing space to allow enough activity area, also meet our daily use needs, such as a sofa bed, TV can be watched during the day and can be extended as a bed at night.

The small-sized apartment space of about 5.70 square meters is limited, and the space should be used effectively in the design process to maximize the storage capacity. Some of the fixed products can be embedded design, effectively saving space, but also clean and orderly. Wall space can also be fully utilized, and some partitions, decorative frames, etc. can be installed, and the space layout can be rationalized so that the small-sized units can have multiple functionalities.

How much is needed for a small apartment of about 70 square meters?

The decoration prices in different cities are different because the labor costs and decoration materials prices in each place are different, which can cause price differences. At the same time different decoration methods, the price is not the same, to all-inclusive, for example, fine decoration of the price is relatively expensive, the current market price of a thousand dollars a level; medium decoration prices roughly between 500-800 yuan a level, Simple decoration prices are roughly around 300-400 yuan. The above prices are from the Internet and are for reference only. Please check the actual local sales price.

About how to decorate a small apartment of about 70 square meters , Xiao Bian introduced it here for the time being, hoping to help you. If you want to know more about the decoration of small apartment, you can pay attention to the information on this site, and more exciting content waiting for you.

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