2017 Second Guangzhou International Smart Home Exhibition

The second Guangzhou International Internet of Things Technology and Application Exhibition was held in the same period of 2017.

Instructor: Guangzhou Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center Organizer: China Internet of Things Co-organizer: China Intelligent Decoration Research Institute Guangdong Province Whole Home Furnishing Industry Association Strategy Media: Sina Home Tencent Home SouFun Exhibition Date: March 1-3, 2017 Exhibition location: Guangzhou Pazhou * Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center

No. 630-638, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (next to Pazhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall, Exit F of Metro Xingang East Station)

The 2nd Guangzhou International Smart Home Show will integrate smart home improvement companies, smart furniture manufacturing companies, integrators, smart home improvement platforms, smart home stores and other smart home channel sales platforms, and is committed to building smart home technology and channel integration platforms. It is the main platform for technical exchange, market development and brand promotion of smart home and hardware industry in South China.
First, the exhibition advantages:
1) The China Internet of Things industry platform provides tailor-made promotional programs for exhibitors throughout the year, providing enterprises with year-round brand promotion value-added services;
2) The exhibition realizes the close combination of “online” and “offline” to help enterprises create a full range of O2O promotion. Promote the early promotion of exhibitors and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the exhibition;
3) The high-level industry sales channel conference will bring together huge buyer resources, integrate technology and application platforms, and demonstrate the synergy of the exhibition.
4) Enterprise value-added services: The name, booth number and company product introduction link of all exhibitors will be displayed on the China Internet of Things homepage and exhibition channel one month before the exhibition, in order to attract more users and interested partners to watch the site. . If an enterprise needs an exclusive interview, it can make an appointment with the China Internet of Things and the organizer to make an appointment before the exhibition. At that time, professional journalists from major media will interview the company to improve the company's exposure rate.
Second, the exhibition held 9 high-end industry seminars and product introductions, covering more than 30 topics, discussing the most cutting-edge industry hotspots and development trends. The forum was decorated with star art, famous craftsmen, Dongyi Risheng, Tuba. Rabbits, Fangtianxia, ​​Jinhaima, Europa and other companies have strong support. The speeches include: smart home improvement, smart office, home audio and video, integrators, smart furniture and other special events, which are expected to attract more than 2,000 professional visitors.
Third, the media propaganda cooperation media: estimated more than 120 1, online portal media: Sina Technology, Sohu Technology, NetEase Home Appliances, Tencent Technology, HC Smart Home Network, Phoenix Home, IT168, Feixiang Network, Hexun Technology, Zhongguancun Online, C114 China Communication Network, China.com Technology Channel, Bit Network, Tencent Digital;
2, industry propaganda media: Qianjia network, smart home world, love cool smart home, China building intercom network, China smart parking network, etc. 3, mass media: Guangzhou Daily, Southern Metropolis Daily, Guangdong TV, Guangzhou TV, Southern TV, etc. Fourth, the target audience â—† Smart home improvement company;
â—† Real estate developers;
â—† Intelligent furniture manufacturing and manufacturing enterprises;
â—† office buildings, hotels;
â—† Smart home store;
â—† Distributors, distributors, agents;
â—† Technology R&D personnel;
V. Professional audience promotion 1. Cooperate with more than 100 large-scale online media and magazines in the industry to publish exhibition advertisements and text notices and press releases. The exhibition promotion period lasts for 6 months, and at the same time, the promotion materials are distributed at relevant exhibitions. And expand the exhibition information by publicizing the exhibition by mail, telephone, etc.
2. Utilize the advantage of the industry portal platform - China Internet of Things, through the WeChat, Weibo, e-mail targeted promotion, use the website member database information, implement one-to-one publicity, improve the quality of the audience, it is expected that this online pre-registered audience The number will exceed 6,000 people;
3. Cooperate with media and associations in the application industry such as home improvement, building materials, home improvement platforms, home audio and video, etc., and invite the audience.
Sixth, the scope of the exhibition:
Smart home products: smart door locks, smart switches, smart remote controls, smart wearables, smart terminals, digital extensions, smart touch panels, etc.
Smart home entertainment system: background music system, digital living room system, home theater system, audio and video sharing system;
Intelligent home control system: lighting control system, intelligent home appliance control system, intelligent door and window control system, scene control system;
Intelligent devices and peripheral accessories: embedded chips, wearable chips, communication chips, sensors, touch screens, control panels, lithium batteries and other platforms and solutions: app application software, cloud data storage platform, wifi module, wifi module, big data storage seven and analysis, participation fee:
Raw space booth (36 square meters for rent) 1380 yuan / square meter standard booth (9 square meters for rent) 13800 yuan / booth for enquiries, please contact: Guangzhou Jingyu Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. Address: Tiandong District, Guangzhou, Dongdong Room 202, Block A, Ludong Yu Fortune Garden, Zip Code: 510665
Tel: (86-20) 3726 7881 Fax: (86-20) 3726 7881
Website: Mailbox:
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